Thursday, January 13, 2011

Australian Wool Innovation

Positioned at the forefront of innovation, the Australian wool industry is consistently striving to improve the production of Australian Merino wool. The Australian Merino brand was created in recognition of 200 years of Australian wool trade. This brand symbolises uncompromising quality. A celebration of excellence, that provides a point of difference to Australian Merino garments, retailers and brands around the world.  

To celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the beginning of the Australian Merino wool trade, a series of special yarns, fabrics and apparel, along with a new and unique mark were created to appear across all garments that meet the stringent global specifications set upon the fashion industry. This new mark was called Australian Merino M200 and a timeless brochure produced for the global market.

The new Merino Touch collection is soft, natural and trans-seasonal, providing ultimate comfort through three superior ranges: 
Intimates - for lightweight, next-to-skin, everyday wear
Soft Classics - for traditional classic looks in ultimate comfort
Mercerised Merino - for enhanced luxury and fluidity

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